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Davis Refinery to employ the Best Available Control Technology

Engineers are designing the basic structure of the refinery emission control systems that can only be described as state of the art and in some cases ground breaking. These systems will allow the refinery to reach the Lowest Achievable Emission Rates (“LAER”). This is all being done with the intention of building Davis Refinery to be the cleanest refinery in operation on the planet, while producing the cleanest conventional fuels ever made.

Meridian has filed the application for a “Permit to Construct” (PTC) with the State of North Dakota Department of Health (NDD0H) – Air Quality Division as a “Synthetic Minor Source.”  Achieving a synthetic minor source is possible due to Meridian applying the highest level of “Best Available Control Technology” (BACT) to detect and control any fugitive emissions. The NDDoH issued the Draft Permit to Construct on December 5th 2017. A 45-day public comment period concluded January 27th 2018. Meridian was issued the Permit to Construct on June 13th 2018.

Meridian will deploy the best available control technology in process water treatment and waste water treatment systems as well. The Davis Refinery will be equipped with the latest water treatment technology to reduce the amount of disposal waste water with the goal to become a zero discharge facility. Air cooled equipment will be installed in order to reduce the amount of water needed to be used throughout the facility.

The Davis Refinery will be the first high conversion greenfield refinery constructed in the U.S. since 1976. As a new, modern plant, the refinery will enjoy new equipment configured with longer operating cycles and higher output as compared with legacy refineries built decades ago. Operating primarily on natural gas will provide many advantages including lower operating costs, lower emissions and a much reduced impact.

The fuels produced will be expected to emit up to 30% less carbon particulate and NOx than even today’s cleanest available fuels. Davis Refinery will produce diesel with near zero measurable amount of sulfur for all of its transportation fuels years ahead of those mandates. Meridian is taking the lead in ushering in a new era of hyper clean fuels that will be the choice of consumers everywhere. The Davis Refinery will utilize the most recent technology to reach the Lowest Achievable Emission Rates (“LAER”).

Davis Refinery Permitting Progress

  • Rezoning and Conditional Use Permits granted July 2016
  • Water Appropriation Permit Draft Permit granted in July 2017; Final Permit expected November 2018
  • Permit to Construct (Air) – Application submittal to ND Department of Health October 2016; PTC issued June 13th 2018
  • Permit to Operate (Air) to be filed upon project completion
  • Industrial Storm Water Discharge Permit submittal in late summer/early fall 2017

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VRS are designed to capture otherwise escaping vapors (fugitive emissions) and recycle those elements back into the refining process.

Scrubbers that will remove entrained liquids, noxious and toxic gasses, reduce total NOx, and remove sub-micron particles.

Low emission boilers are designed to turn water into steam with up to a 40% reduction in emissions.

Sensors that will detect and record the level of emissions to ensure compliance with Meridian’s high operating standards.